Your Vitamins, Dietary Supplements and Skin Care Contract Manufacturing Partner

Renco Labs is your Cheapest One-Stop-Shop For Private Labeling and contract manufacturing of Vitamins, Supplements, Skin Care, and Pet & Animal Supplements.


  • We offers you over 1000 stock formulations – all of which you can private label.
  • These formulations have been time tested, refined, and polished to offer the very best quality available.
  • Renco labs private label is your trusted supplement and vitamin manufacturer developed by highly skilled laboratory scientists and formulators.
  • Our product formulation provide our clients with in depth research & development, quality control testing, and product analysis to ensure that you receive outstanding quality products.
  • Our highly efficient, streamlined system, along with our large volume capabilities, allows us to offer low pricing and fast turnaround times.


& Benefits

We exist to develop, improve, refine, and manufactur private label supplements health-focused product. We assist with any and every aspect of the process from concept through fulfillment, with the highest quality ingredients and services in a state of the art laboratory. 

  • Cost effective manufacturing services
  • World-class & Latest Manufacturing Techniques
  • Follow Strict quality control methods