Dietary Supplement Regulatory Services

With varied Regulatory requirements in different regions, manufacturers sometimes face procedural challenges to navigate through the local Regulatory regime for Food and Food Supplements product registration. In such a scenario, Renco Labs provides a global Food and Food Supplements Regulatory roadmap to ensure compliance and is proven successful in assisting clients in their expansion plans in the rapidly growing health food markets across the globe. Renco Labs is specialized in the areas of product registration, licensing, notification, legal representation, market authorization holder (MAH), authorized representation, distribution, go-to-market strategy etc.

Our Expertise

  • Regulatory strategy
  • Product registration, licensing, notification
  • Local legal representation, MAH, authorized representative services
  • Distribution support
  • Continued Regulatory compliance
  • Food and Food Supplements licensing, go-to-market strategy
  • Food and Food Supplements notification, legal representation
  • Regulatory roadmap, Regulatory Strategy